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Review: Beigel Bake, Brick Lane

I grew up just outside London, detached by one umbilical tube line which dared venture far enough out to bravely bring us in. But my gratitude to that peculiar shuttle connection continues to this day since it gave life to one of my favourite experiences.

Picture the scene: just got off the tube, several exits around you, which one can I take? Then you make your choice and squeeze up the crowded steps to be hit with bracing daylight as you emerge. And there it is… LONDON.

In many ways, before all the restaurants, bars and treats to come, this first taste of London is the flavour this blog is dedicated to. Wandering around the city getting lost before joining the dots is a pleasure I hope never wanes.

But when on such expeditions, a burning question often starts to emerge and the hunt for sustenance begins.

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