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Restaurant Review: Pizza East, Portobello Rd

I tried to make pizza dough once. My housemates found me pressed up against the kitchen counter with my arms configured as a wide circular wall – the only thing stopping a tsunami of sticky, floury, watery gloop covering the immediate area.

It’s perhaps because of this trauma that I admire the accomplishment of a good pizza. That and places like Pizza East, that is.

After finding myself and fragrant girlfriend in Portobello Road ahead of a friend’s birthday, Foursquare was suggesting a typically lacklustre selection of chip shops and Starbuckses.

But then, out of the shadows, emerged one last tasty hope. The newest (and most geographically poorly named) branch of Pizza East. Open for 3 weeks or so at the time of writing, this transplant of the formula created in Shoreditch is a bit like a more interesting Pizza Express.

Read on for highlights and another ‘pizza’ the puzzle (mamma mia.)


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Restaurant Review: Petrus, Knightsbridge

When everyone first hears of sites like Groupon, the first reaction is more or less the same: “wow, so now I’ll save money on all the awesome things I love doing anyway. Thanks, Internet!” But it only takes an email or two before you realise there are only so many half price teeth-whitening sessions you need in your life.

Except every now and then, the glimmering hope of that dream flickers back into life. It was in just such circumstances that I ended up going to Petrus with fragrant girlfriend and gorging on a 5 course lunch with accompanying champagne for a trifling £55.

Read on for Petrus and a tale of “tasty morsels”.

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