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Restaurant Review: Santa Maria Pizza, Ealing

Santa Maria Ealing logo

Geographically, I find restaurants can often be lumped into two camps:

1. The central – based in the middle of London or toward the fringes of it, there’s a feeling of convenience and accessibility about these. You book your table, you turn up, you eat and it’s generally a treat to look forward to.

2. The local – favourite nearby venues, far enough out of the centre that you’d have to make a special visit if you didn’t live nearby. Sometimes they’re a compromise because you don’t want to catch the tube into town. Sometimes they’re a hidden gem.

However, somewhere in the overlap here, there’s a third possibility. The odd exciting little restaurant that you hear about which prompts an expedition out from London, far from the maddening crowd to sample its delights.

Join me, my friends, as we travel to deepest darkest Ealing to sample Santa Maria – ┬áconsistently┬ávoted “The Best Pizza In London”TM

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